Keep bitter in your stomach and salt in your teeth.

An ayurvedic saying

After your milk teeth give way to your permanent set of teeth, these are your lifelong assets. Most people are careless with caring for their teeth, either damaging their perfect set by over-indulging in sweet and acidic foods or just by being lazy in taking daily care.

In Indian culture, many household ingredients provide great hygiene and care needed for the daily care of your shining 32. These ingredients ensure that you have a healthy set for as long as 90 years. My father, who is 76 years old is having all his teeth in perfect shape. He has mostly used neem datun for keeping his teeth and gums healthy; I have to mention here that he barely eats between meals.

How to take care of your gums?

Create some basic rules of gum hygiene. Some of these are: brush twice a day, gargle after each meal, floss your teeth, and avoid eating sugar. Apart from that, there are some marvellous ingredients that you can use daily to massage your gums and gargle; these ingredients will ensure you will have no cavities when you are particular about your daily gum care. Let’s see what are these five gum care secret ingredients:

  1. Neem twigs, neem leaves or neem bark powder
  2. Turmeric
  3. Salt
  4. Astringent Oil
  5. Clove Concocted Oil

Before going to bed, make sure you are performing one of the following gum care rituals:

Oil Pulling With Mustard Oil

Teeth Mask with Turmeric Putty

Teeth Mask with Neem & Sandalwood Putty

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil & Clove Oil

Apart from the above daily care methods, it would be best to manage your dietary habits to ensure you consume more alkaline food items. Drinking too much coffee and tea may tend to give way to cavities and gum sensitivity issues.

Do you want to know how to prepare gum care masks? If yes, leave a comment in the comment box below.

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