Frequently Asked Questions for Indian Earthy Naturals®

What are the preservatives used in IEN products?

No synthetic preservatives are used in any of the IEN products. We use natural ingredients which prolong shelf life and reduces nasty bacteria. Our formulations are quite stable on their own with upto 2 years of shelf life. Our organic soap bars are observed to be good even after 3-4 years beyond the expiry dates, only the essential oils scents may diminish a bit. The expiry date and batch number is listed on each product.  

How do you call your products organic?

By definition, any product having 95% of the ingredients as certified organic ingredients are called organic. The ayurvedic herbs, butters, vegan oil, essential oils, and herbal additives are all organic matter. We source materials that have USDA certified seals. We carefully select each of our vendor to maintain the highest quality of the raw materials.

How do you claim your company to be environmentally conscious?

We are certified as a green unit by the Pollution Department of India, based on the “zero toxic effluents” released from our unit. 


When I bathe with your organic soap, does the soap water pollute the ground table?

No! In fact, the soap water is very healthy for the flora as it contains all-natural ingredients and plants feel happy to get the nutrition back. The organic soap has natural suds, and they are devoid of any synthetic chemicals such as SLS and Parabens.

How much water do we save when we use IEN organic products versus other commercial soaps and shampoos?

Using our products saves tons of water. The suds are natural and don’t keep on foaming, unlike other commercial products. You can quickly rinse off your hair in a quarter bucket and bathe in 1 bucket of water.

How long do the IEN® Beeswax Soywax Tealights burn?

Each IEN tea lights burns upto 4.5 hours. Sometimes they burn for 4.5-6 hours as it depends on the draft condition and the home environment as well. 

How can I track my order?

Create an account before placing the order with Indian Earthy Naturals®. You can see a track button against your order. Click on that to view your order status.

What if I need to modify my order?

Please write to us at care@indianearthynaturals.com or send a whatsapp text at +919880801100 within 24 hours of your order. Beyond 24 hours, we not be able to modify your order.

What are the shipping timelines?

We ship the products in 2-3 days after receiving payment on your order. The product is delivered in 2-5 days within India. For International shipping, it takes 14-25 days depending on your location.

Custom and Import Duties

At times, custom may hold the products for testing. It may delay the deliveries for a couple of days. The import duty if any, depends on your country’s import taxes on the items you have ordered. Check all the rules before buying. 

I am an International Buyer. Which payment method can I use?

We have two payment options for the international customers: Paypal and Razorpay. You can use any one of these options to pay by credit or debit card.

I see the prices in INR. How can I see the prices in USD?

There is a round icon displaying INR at the top right of website. You can click this to convert all the prices to USD. You can also check out the cart by Paypal to view the amount in USD. The conversion rates are updated hourly.

What are the payment options for the Indian Buyers?

Indian buyers can pay by Razorpay or Paytm. Select the desired method for checkout.

What if I did not receive the International delivery?

International shipment and deliveries are expensive. We share a tracking order with you after the shipping and we urge you to stay on the top of the progress of your shipments and ensure that you are at the shipping address to receive your package.

In case you are not able to receive and it is returned to us, we will refund the product cost minus the shipping charges as it costs as double the amount if the international shipment is returned back to us.

Whom can I contact once I see the parcel has landed into my country?

We ship all our international orders by India Post. India Post always handover the parcels to your local post the moment it is cleared by your country’s customs. Once it is in your country, contact your local post office with the international tracking number that we shared with you. 

Still have a question?

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