The Making of IEN® Handmade Products

Indian Earthy Naturals® is a registered trademark granted by the Government of India. Our unit is a registered MSME unit, which creates cruelty-free, synthetic chemicals free, SLS & Parabens free products.

IEN® products are made in herbs infused oils, various kinds of nut butters, USDA certified virgin vegan oils, highest grade essential oils, clays, ground flowers, leaves, roots, and various pure additives. We pride ourselves in using only organic and recycled packaging. We urge our customers to ask for no labeled products as a significant amount of organic materials go waste just for the packaging. Each day billions of tons of paper and materials are wasted due to excessive packaging.

IEN® Handpoured Pure Natural wax Tealights
Hair fall control and hair growth herbs infused in oils for our Indian Ayurvedic Hair Bar ©Picture Indian Earthy Naturals®

Indian Earthy Naturals® received “zero toxic effluents” rating from the pollution control department for our manufacturing premises. PETA has listed our unit as no-cruelty business.

IEN® natural products are handcrafted from initial stages from sourcing, mixing, pouring, cutting, and packaging.

A 20 kg sandalwood loaf ready for bar cutting. Picture © Indian Earthy Naturals®

We use no artificial colorants, additives or synthetic preservatives. The safe shelf life will be indicated on the product package. That’s why all of the IEN® products are made fresh and they fly off the shelves within a couple of days of announcing. We have earned trust of our customers in the quality and consistency department. 95% of our customers repeatedly buy our products after using them once. This places a great trust in our brand.

20 kg Lavender Butter loaves before cutting into bars. The violet color in the loaves is because of the added Ratanjyot wood. The essential oil is the highest grade Lavander oil. Picture © Indian Earthy Naturals®

The products are created in small batches to ensure that the quality control procedure is implemented within managed parameters. The ingredients are tested in the Government certified labs before they are considered for our formulations.

Hand stamping of our soap. Picture © Indian Earthy Naturals

Our customers sum up one word for Indian Earthy Naturals®: “Trust”