Indian Earthy Naturals®

Lifestyle choices are the most important decisions that decide your overall optimum health. Skincare is a daily cleansing ritual and doing it organically and naturally can bring in lot of happiness and health during the whole day. It also ensures you are naturally confident not worrying about the dry skin, itching, and other host of problems that result from applying commercial products. If you read a long list of chemical ingredients in the shampoo, soap bar, cream, know that you are headed for a chronic health disaster because everything that is absorbed through skin reaches liver. Liver is your “detox” house. It processes the toxins and throws them out but if you are chronically feeding your skin toxins, it will break down someday leading to host of diseases not limited to skin only.

The skin has natural oils, natural cleansing never strips excess oils from the skin and a natural soap should gently cleanse the skin while retaining the natural oils. How to know you are bathing with a good natural soap? The answer is that you do not need additional moisturizer after bathing with natural soap.

Indian Earthy Naturals is founded on the principles of providing only the purest skincare products. We do not worry about the cutting, presentation, colors too much as we know what you are feeding to your skin when you use our products, is 100% natural. That is the reason, our first time customers always become our repeat customers. Obviously, we have a niche customer base who value pure natural products more than the synthetic fragranced products. Our customer base is environmentally conscious lot who believes in simple botanical skincare just like our ancestors. We are basically taking many steps back to go back to the nature.

 Indian Earthy Naturals always use recycled products for packaging. We are thrilled when our customers ask for naked products devoid of the packaging. That’s just our little bit to reduce the burden on our Earth.